Welcome to the site of Ocna Sugatag

The balneoclimaterica of local interest Ocna-┼×ugatag is located in Maramures county, 20 km from Sighet Marmatiei, at 490 m altitude at the foot of the mountains Tibles-therapy. The operation to be permanent part of the village Ocna-┼×ugatag consisting of 4 villages with a population of about 4500 inhabitants.
Location is mentioned documentary for the first time in 1355, being an important place of extraction of salt. With the cease exploitation waters have infiltrated and caused fall tavanului mine and thus appeared with salt water lakes for which the town is famous.
Besides the mineral water and sodium chloride with a high concentration (119 g/l), climate specific depression intramontane with cool summers and cold winters is an important factor for cure. In the resort Ocna-┼×ugatag to treat degenerative rheumatic afectiunile and abarticulare, peripheral neurological diseases (paresis, sequels after polineuropatii), gynecological diseases (ovarian insufficiency, cervicitis). Base tratamant of Ocna-┼×ugatag allow for warm baths in the bathtub, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, aeroheliotherapy and medical massage.

Respected fellow citizens

I thought the achievement of this site of the city Ocna Sugatag for you, those who live here, but also those who leave the country or abroad, can make contact with what is happening in our city. Also, this way we can make friends in the country and abroad, to contribute decisively to exploit the potential economic and human available to our city.
In this way, any possible investor will know the features they offer for business administrative radius of the city Ocna Sugatag.
As a novelty, I introduced the possibility to be in dialogue with you, we'll be able to ask questions, suggestions or proposals.
As mayor of all citizens, I wish to declare availability instiuţiei that is to be a viable and serious dialogue with the people who elected me in the job which we conduct the entire business.