The school, culture, sports and were found here in a land-Ċžugatag Ocna proper conduct of its own actions beneficial to the community in general and not least for those who conduct such actions.

The 35 classes from all cycles preschool, primary, secondary apprenticeship, training and since 2008 the high school level, where 712 students learn, are channeled to support the educational reform of the 72 teachers very well quoted both as professional as and moral manifestation.

Ambient, facilities, quality education and especially the educational content were desiderata which occurred rivalry needed demersului our educational instructive. No student neĊŸcolarizat, all graduates employed in high schools and vocational schools, raising the prestige school through all his actions and shaped the company completed a school quality school representative. Circulation of information, openness to new school, modernization of education by all means from the poor so how is it to actions sponsorship, donations, etc., made today to have adequate furniture in all rooms, to be recognized for quality of the exemplary acts of teaching - learning - education, they have a special ambience. We have 6 offices and laboratories of science.

In the school they operate a Center for Documentation and Information ultradotat.