Civilization of the popular Maramures, wooden churches, gates and vâltorile, folk costumes and traditions brought secular area celebrity in the world. Maramuresean traditional village is well represented by the towns of the components of Ocna Sugatag. Massive wooden gates, skillfully worked, old or new, are found in all four localities of the village. Wooden Gate is the most important element of traditional architecture of the Ashes to Maramures. It built three large piles of oak that are related to each other through a fruntar, the roof is in four as water and houses. Has a loophole for the passage of people and bears great team and for animals. Gate was an indicator of social and economic prestige of the family concerned. Ornamental reasons: the rope, the solar signs, the wolf tooth and the ghine, the vas with flowers, stylized flowers, the life tree in different variations, large and small rhomboidal shapes.

In the Village Sugatag can be viewed on an old water mill, built in 1869, and a second Valtori palinca.

BREB deserves seen in old houses, three of which were rebuilt by the British foundation Mihai Eminescu Trust patronage of Prince Charles, who visited in 2004 BREB

Commune Ocna has 4-┼×ugatag cultural homes, a modern hall celebrations, which organizes exhibitions, performances, and where they operate assemblies of children, to Kittens morosan,-kindergarten, and, Roua Heaven, , A communal library with 11,700 volumes and 761 readers.

Commune Ocna-┼×ugatag organized each year outdoorsy holiday "Tânjaua from Hoteni" celebrating the first manager of the village Hoteni who went to plug the show, the celebration involved in the decoration of V─âii natural D─ârasca câ several thousand people come from villages around the village, in the county and across the country and abroad.

In the little village and isolate until yesterday Hoteni, belong to the village Ocna-┼×ugatag to hold an ancient agrarian ritual of spring, which întîiul husband, who turned the first turf of year plug, was celebrated by the community through a ritual of washing in the nearest water line, Darasca. Even there, household tileaga seated on the plug is pulled by 6 tînjele înstru┼úate with branches of birch, ribbons and multi ┼čterguri embroidered 12 Virgin yoke and mined by pogonici, with the whip. Ud─âtorul comes back with another group of girls and boy, who designed the celebrated on guard not to flee the tileag─â to pîrîu and wash yourself. Thus, he would escape the obligation to honor all the village as it was in the habit 50 years ago, for example, when the whole village a hand count of people, festival that was performed with the banquet, and Cetera game.

Since 2005 the villages of the commune Ocna-┼×ugatag held "game ┼×opru" a revival of old folk traditions about oblivion, with the participation of numerous guests from the country and str─âin─âtate.În period of 23-29 July, Hoteni, is Camp social painting, edition III, for children with artistic talent from the homes of family type in the county. The action is part of the "Art and Solidarity", the organizers of the event being social priest John Ardelean, Department of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Letters; DGASPC Maramures and The "Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

Also PETRU POP NI┼ó─é sculpteaz─â and not anyway, with talent, skill and ingenuity, and elevate wood dîndu his life, turned it into traditional Romanian art. Its artistic developments are the parent. PETRU POP work of sycamore wood, cherry, hawthorn, pear and elm. Considered extremely valuable wood, and gold. Sculpteaz─â: fuse with the bell, prescurnicere, bailer, Sasar, crosses different, more tablespoons forms, etc.. No late to appear and awards, such as camps and participation in national and international sculpture. With its true works of art colind─âm country and Europe, works that are appreciated by many specialists in the field. Home to him and has arranged a workshop and an exhibition in a house, which include over 500 exhibits. PETRU POP colind─âm his country and appreciated in national exhibitions from: Bucharest, Sibiu, Suceava, Neamt, Brasov, Targu. Mures, Iasi, etc. Cîmpina. His work and come to Chicago to Japan, California, in many European countries. Then, Academy of Traditional Arts Canada - gives the Diploma of the Traditional Academy - master carpenter in the Traditional Arts. " Home, every year I visited groups in London and the Netherlands. PETRU POP is the holder of dozens of national and international awards. And more than that, the great sculptor of BREB - is the only country in which crosses made with 27 combination.

Also in terms of culture, there Ocna-┼×ugatag, its creative studio ELENA Tamas, a famous painter of religious icons on wood and glass, the old style, and Orthodox rite catolic┼či not only recognized its ; in the country and abroad.

School and kindergarten-┼×ugatag Ocna have a continuing concern for cultural activities as evidence forma┼úiile the popular dance of children and young people.

In common Ocna-┼×ugatag were conducted following competitions and sporting activities: 
 • Cros "Frunze ruginii with over 80 participants
 • Championship chess tournaments (4 1) with 35 participants;
 • Table tennis, 20 participants;
 • Handball Championship by 10 school teams.

In 12.05.2007 - the Mayor published "Health.Tradition.Nature - Ocna Sugatag ", so far only in Romanian.