Dominant economic profile of the village is Ocna Sugatag tourism, illustrated by the fact prepoderenta agentilor companies with this profile on the rail village.

Due to the rapid release of the economic operation in this field, their number has taken a special scale, being in continuous growth. Because the village is visited by many foreigners do they want to set up different companies. The city hall was involved in issuing documents provided that future employees are mainly from Ocna-Ċžugatag in this way the number of new jobs created increased by approximately 10%, that number is constantly growing.

The degree of collecting revenue is 90%.

City Hall together with MTM agency, beneficiaries of SAPARD funds aniĊ£iat a draft of the qualification of citizens for conducting activities and Agro also classification of new hostels to attract new financial resources to the budget.

Total existing economic agents in town is 120: 
- Agriculture 3 
- Industry 10 
- Trade 60 
- Tourism 30
- Services 17