Town history

City Ocna Sugatag is attested documentary since 1355.

Archaeological discoveries (of stone hammers, chisel and other tools) shows that the population of this region exploits the salt since Stone Age.

Another historical document certifying the existence of mines in 1489, Paul Sylvester, a group of me Ana - Iuliana and Elizabeth were royal domain.

Between 1711 - 1720, during the Austro - Hungarian domination, the Court from Vienna paid more attention to the exploitation of deposits of salt, a fact that this occupation has developed and the town Ocna Sugatag develops.

The documents certify the operation between 1799 - 1822 of Bogdan mine, between 1802 - 1853 of the mine Mihai, where salt was white and in 1921 the mine Dragos opens.

Salt from Ocna Sugatag, because the quality is exceptional in holding cards and cakes are exported to Hungary, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Austria, but also in Africa.

In 1950, due to the massive entry of water into the mines, mines have been closed, and in subsequent years taking birth salt lakes on the locations of old salt mines, representing the natural resources in Spa-climatic, and then developing the resort town.