Operation of socio-economic development

Until now the town of Ocna Ċžugatag witnessed a continuous development over the years of its existence, in different rates depending on the political - economic times.

City Hall and the City Council intend to continue:
- Expanding Inside city limits, as are many applications for housing construction from the citizens in particular, but also targets the construction of another character than housing (industrial, commercial) fund companies with private capital
- Develop a plan to offer to attract public and private investors: Romanian or foreign
- The value of tourism objectives
- Development Area Recreation
- Efficient management of urban and industrial waste
- Support for and establishment of functional areas of production or other activities by exploiting local resources (mineral, stone quarries, crafts)
- Development and modernization of transport and communications
- Supporting the creation of new SMEs by providing incentives
- Development and modernization of municipal
- Modernization and redecoration of the center of the city
- Development and modernization of environmental
- Develop the capacity of local government to access and implement European projects
- Develop a public information, consultation of citizens
- Make new housing state property
- Priority 2005 - 2010 is to achieve at least a block housing ANL with 20 apartments for social needs of the city (funding will be allocated funds MLPAT)
- Perspective 2006 - 2010 still involves approx. 40 flats
- Developing energy infrastructure by:
   ♦ Connected network of natural gas
   ♦ Modernization of public lighting and street lamps to replace high energy consuming
- Organization of courses for training and qualification in specific trades industrialization and exploitation of local resources
- Restoration of centers crafts artistic practice through a program of identification of small craftsmen and guidance for their înfinĊ£area of microfirme and family associations
- Establish a program of collaboration with village elders, the identification of objects of worship, folk costumes, tools and agricultural training for handicraft old museum collections capable of conserving cultural identity over the years the village
- Rehabilitation of the collection, transport handling and storage of controlled solid waste
- Organization of consulting and career guidance (in the social services in relation to economic and AJOFM)
- Supporting the creation of new SMEs by facilitating conditii.de cocesiune of land rent and property of the Romanian State
- Partnership with the citizens as a way of social action
- Ensuring transparency of decision making to encourage citizen participation in policy development and supporting local decisions
- Development of administrative capacity. It aims to promote and support the creation and at a local public administrations to become an important factor of competitiveness, development, progress and cohesion.
- Establish a business incubator in the field of agro tourism
- Make a folder in images
- Publication of a short monograph of the village
- Development of rural economy by setting up groups of producers and agricultural associates
- The organization of symposia, seminars with experts in the field, involving as many citizens
- Establish a network of communication between your PC from all institutions: city hall, schools, police post, etc.
- Development of social services for people in difficulty
- Support for integration of the Roma community in local social life and scope of services