City Ocna ┼×ugatag, land of history and legend, located in a décor of an excellent natural landscape beauty, at the foot of the mountains gout, with a vast panorama where you can admire the Maramures Mountains close to a hit Depression fortress wall of Maramures Ocna ┼×ugatag is at întret─âierea of roads dating from historical times, today the town is a famous tourist area.

By its geographical position, Ocna ┼×ugatag is polarizing to localities around making the link between the two major municipalities in the county, Baia Mare and Sighetu Marma┼úiei.

Commune Ocna-┼×ugatag is bordered to the south of the village Bude┼čti east and north-east of the village C─âline┼čti, the north with Giule┼čti to west with Desesti.

Until 1948 the town Ocna ┼×ugatag issue has been under administrative center of the net, knowing the real economic and social development, its role today is much more polarizing stressed.

Due to its geographical position in the basin Maramures and its economic development, the town has a strong network of asphalt roads making connections with other localities on Iza Valley and dreams.

Under the tourism aspect, making use of natural resources, water chloro-sodium and benefiting from specific climatic factors and their effects, common-┼×ugatag Ocna enjoys an impressive tourist influx, the most wanted area of the corner of the country, famous for treating diseases rheumatic, asthenia and a breakdown and to combat chronic inflammatory processes.

The beauty of the landscape places, pure mountain air, placing Spa resort near-climatic, Forest Cr─âiasca, natural reserve (with oak trees and larch), folk customs and traditions (such as celebrating the first Tanjaua-out with manager plug the show), a weekly Fair cattle, greatness and pride of other local customs, architecture building style local villages belonging to the existence of natural springs (the mineral waters from Breb vilagge), is a place of rest and recreation leave and the weekends.

Beneficial for the whole county of Maramures and not only, Spa-resort famous by the climatic effects of the specific hotel for accommodation facilities related bases treatment modern cafeteria own space for the activities of sports clubs, pools covered, outdoor pools, beaches, commercial buildings, parks and other recreational spaces, qualified staff on specialties in addition to other hotel spaces, other institutions as well as possibilities of accommodation in Maramures style boxes, with other spaces private serving the same purpose, the general trend of urbanization of the city through a massive expansion of buildable area: blocks, villas, holiday boxes, institutions, enterprises in the economic private, and the existence of a wide range of services confers as of now aspect of the urban localities with such resonance in the heart of Maramures.