Tourism and leisure tourism

The commune Ocna-┼×ugatag enjoys a potentially valuable tourism insufficiently exploited. 

Ocna Sugatag, which receives 25,000 tourists annually, is located at an altitude of 500 meters, with natural cure: 
- Mineral water clorurosodice concentrated 
- Bioclimat sedative for saving (the atmosphere is loaded with negative ions benefit, because this forest, orchards and lakes saline) 

- Degenerative rheumatic diseases (cervical spondylosis, dorsal and lumbar, and polyarthrosis arthrosis) 
- Abarticulare rheumatic diseases (tendinoze, tendomyositis, tendoperiostosis; post-traumatic disorders) 
- Peripheral neurological diseases - gynecological diseases. 

The treatment of resort offers two pools and three valves with heated mineral water, installations for physiotherapy, electrotherapy and thermotherapy, massage room and gym, with aerosol systems, two large pools and small one with cold water for baths and aeroheliotherapy. In the area there is a very rich and diversified for all tastes, pockets and claims. 

In the  Old Lakes area are antroposalted, reinstated by arranging tourist circuit area, becoming the preferred place for tourists coming to camp. It notes Lake Gavril (30 meters depth, 2.35 hectares surface, the largest lake antroposalted in Romania), which is curious, keep a surface layer of freshwater fish living in , Fund, and T─âul without (33 meters depth, the deep lake here). On the shores of Lake Gabriel, the old baths, was inaugurated in June 2007 S─ârat Lake Tourist Complex, with terrace-restaurant, swimming pool with salt water, and on the banks of the lake to convert a beach with showers, a bridge where their ; nchiriaz─â boats, and hydro-jet ski. In the complex rents and ATV businesses, of all sizes for all ages. 

Complementary treatment in the resort, The Center provides therapeutic Tibuleac PLANT natural medicine treatments such as phytotherapy, reflexotherapy, presopunctur─â and special massages. This area of Maramures is known for initiatives that exploit local natural resources such as medicinal plants and fruits of the forest. Natural remedies produced from plants and fruits of the forest harvested in this region are ecologically pure famous vital force for growth and to treat various diseases. 

The commune Ocna-Sugatag has a vast network of complementary SPA resorts , as follows: 
 • 3 Hotels
 • 1 Motel
 • 2 Cottages
 • 24 Hostels